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About Us

Revolutionizing Instore Checkout

Jump n Pass is a self-checkout technology solution reshaping the retail landscape in Africa.

Who we are

Our team comprises individuals with innovative minds who play a significant role in providing seamless checkout solutions and a great shopping experience.

Our Mission

Our core mission is to revolutionize the retail industry by solving the retail problems relating to queues & low levels of profitability. We provide scalable retail solutions with our self-checkout Technology.

Our Core Values

Commitment to being a force In the retail world


A problem-first approach to building solutions that solve customer’s needs


Sharing the burden of retail owners and creating sustainable solutions

 How it works





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Benefit to Stores

Store owners, get MORE for LESS with Jumpnpass

Boost Efficiency, Reduce Costs

Streamline checkout with Jump n Pass, potentially reducing cashier workloads.

Increased Sales Potential

Reduce cart abandonment and encourage impulse purchases with faster checkout. Leverage the app for targeted promotions.

Happier Customers, Faster Checkout

Jump n Pass shortens wait times, leading to improved customer satisfaction.


Explore commonly asked questions about Jump n Pass and discover everything you need to know about our self-checkout technology solution.

Getting Started

Jump n Pass is a mobile self-checkout platform that allows you to scan items with your smartphone while shopping and pay directly through the app, skipping those long retail store queues.

You can scan a wide variety of items, including groceries, electronics, clothing, household goods, and more.

We have partnered with Justrite Supermarket, Jendol Superstores, Wisebuyers Supermarket and Supersaver Supermarket. You can find a comprehensive list of participating stores within the Jump n pass app.

  1. Visit or download the app on your smartphone.
  2. Create a free account or sign in using your existing account information Explore nearby stores that are partnered with Jump n Pass.
  3. Top up your mobile wallet.
  4. Start scanning and shopping.

Watch the demo here.

Open the Jump n Pass app and point your phone’s camera at the barcode of each item you wish to purchase to scan.

No, the Jump n Pass app uses your phone’s camera to scan item barcodes.

You can manually enter the item by selecting the “Can’t find product? Click here” button.

You can easily remove items from your cart within the app before completing your purchase.

Unfortunately, not yet. However, Jump n pass is working on implementing a produce weighing feature in the future. For now, you can find the weight information on the produce label and enter it manually in the app.

Once you’ve finished scanning all your items on the app, you can pay conveniently using your pre-loaded or topped-up wallet balance.

Yes. We do not restrict users to accessing Jump n Pass on a single device. You can access your Jump n Pass account by logging in using the same credentials on a different device.

Stores verify the accuracy of scanned products through a combination of technology and occasional random audits. The app’s scanning technology and barcode verification help ensure correct items are scanned.

Security and Support

Yes, Jump n Pass employs advanced security measures to protect your personal information and payment details, including encryption and secure payment gateways.

Yes, Jump n Pass takes several proactive measures to minimize scanning errors and prevent any intentional misuse of the app. These measures include:

Barcode Verification (The app verifies scanned barcodes to ensure they correspond to valid products in the store’s inventory)

Real-time Updates (providing real-time updates on scanned items, allowing users to review and verify their selections before checkout)

Jump n Pass accepts payments via transfers and our native digital wallet. Other mobile payment options would be provided soon.

If you experience any issues while using Jump n Pass, you can contact any of our dedicated Jump n Pass brand ambassadors present in the store. We’re here to help!

Additional FAQs

Yes. At each of our partner stores, there is a dedicated validation aisle where your scanned and paid items will undergo verification and be bagged for you before you exit the store.

Generally, the verification process is completed in less than 2 minutes.

No. However some stores may have restrictions on certain items (e.g., age-restricted products). Please refer to store signage for details.

Please ensure you scan all your purchases before leaving the store, items would be cross checked at receipt validation.

Jump n Pass aims to reduce checkout wait times by offering a convenient self-checkout option.

We hope this FAQ helps! If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact Jump n Pass customer support

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